Why digital nomads settle in Lisbon?

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The International Living Magazine ranked Lisbon among the top five spots for digital nomads. The warm welcome, the expatriate communities and the infrastructures in place for profesionals: all of them assets that attract digital nomads in Lisbon. Here’s what the article says.

Lisbon is full of amazingly creative talent, cozy cafés, exciting coworking spaces with high-speed wireless internet, and a deep-rooted global view that’s hard to find anywhere else,” says Californian Kevin Mullins, who relocated to Portugal in 2010, fell in love with the country, and stayed. Today, he’s the managing director of Atomivox, a branding agency based in the seaside town of Cascais, just a few miles west of Lisbon.

The wonderful coastal weather, amazing food and wine, and entrepreneurial spark among Portuguese friends and business associations made it so easy to settle here,” he says.

Life environment, charm and community : what attracts digital nomads in Lisbon

Lisbon was always a top candidate for the most popular city in Europe for digital nomads, and that for many reasons:

  • it is one of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe
  • it has 300 days of sunshine per year
  • the winters are mild
  • the nightlife, coffee, and food scene can compete with anywhere in the world
  • there is access to beaches
  • a good healthcare
  • and the charl of yellow trams, azulejos tiles, rooftops, and custard tarts make it irresistible

But what makes Lisbon exceptional is how well it has adjusted to the influx of digital nomads. It has a reputation as one of the most welcoming digital nomad scenes in the world—designated both the fourth safest (Global Peace Index) and friendliest country in the world to expats (Far and Wide). There are digital nomad meetups held every week, with active Facebook groups and events run by digital nomad accommodation startups like NomadX. And, perhaps the biggest indicator of all that Lisbon aims to position itself as a digital nomad stronghold, the city has hosted the Web Summit, dubbed “the best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes Magazine, since 2016.


Coworking spaces are heaven for digital nomads

Lisbon has many coworking options available, and with a few exceptions, prices tend to hover around the same rate. You can easily find a hot desk to do your work for proximately €12 a day, or €100 to €230 for a month.

Each different coworking space offers something unique. In Lisbon’s Alcântara neighborhood, sunny, light-filled Impact Hub offers two private Skype booths. Community-minded, it sponsors events like movie screenings and wellness classes. A coworking space called Bworking offers a program for entrepreneurs that supports startups, the process of business development, and social and humanitarian projects. While another coworking space, called Workup, offers free cycling, walking, and running sessions for health conscious digital nomads.

Accommodating in Lisbon when your a digital nomad

Portugal has invested a lot in its WiFi infrastructure, with 90% coverage nationwide and an average internet speed of 21 mbps in Lisbon. You can find free WiFi in many of Lisbon’s parks and cafés, and most Airbnb’s will come equipped. But if you want your own landline internet connection, it will cost €20 to €30 a month, depending on speed.

You can rent in Lisbon from approximately €500 a month. However, as a digital nomad, you’ll probably be searching for shorter-term solutions. On Airbnb you can you find one-bedroom apartments in the city for €50 a night off-season, and €80 a night in the height of summer.

To go further, and if you were convinced by Lisbon’ charm, discover how to start your freelance activity in Portugal !

Imported and adapted from: International Living