Our 6 tips to have a Portuguese resume on fleek!

Thursday January 9th, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn conseils,CV,Expatriation

Your resume is a true business card that you must work on to make the difference. If many international companies agree to receive English resumes, you can make it with a Portuguese one when you apply to local companies.

Content, structure, what to avoid… We give you all the keys to have a perfect Portuguese resume!

1. The basics

Let’s start with basics: your resume must be clear and well-structured. Recruiters spend a few times to read a resume, so you have to put your skills forward efficiently.

In Portuguese resume, we find the following categories;

  • Your personal information: with a picture, your name, nationality, address, phone number and e-mail. ID card number and NIF can also be often found.
  • Your professional experiences: in chronological order
  • Your education: to show your academic background and certifications
  • Areas of interest: you can mention your volunteer activities, sport practice, passions…

2. Be clear and legible

Portuguese people aren’t very extravagant and show off and the effects are felt in recruitment. Avoid resumes that are out of ordinary and bet on simplicity. The Europass format is often used in Portugal and we advise you to use it.

3. Personalize your resume

We won’t repeat it enough, but it’s essential to personalize the information you mention on your resume according to the targeted job! You want to apply to a job in the tourism area? Show your competences in this field! Don’t hesitate to include the job listing keywords that you noticed.

4. Be very specific

Portuguese resume can be two pages long. So, you can give details about your experiences and skills. Give school scores, professional achievements, key figures about your experiences. It’s important to be specific and explicit. The goal is to show how you use your skill on a daily basis and the results you get in concrete terms.

5. Ban mistakes

Sending your resume in Portuguese can be to your advantage, but can also serve you badly if it’s full of mistakes. Recruiters won’t forgive your grammatical and spelling mistakes on the pretext that you are foreign. Our advice: have a native Portuguese person check your resume and correct your mistakes.

Don’t take any risk if you’re unsure about your Portuguese level. You’d better send a perfect English-written resume than a bad Portuguese one.

6. Don’t forget digital

Digital tools are true allies in your job search. If you already have a LinkedIn account, create a Portuguese version of your profile! (it’s very simple, go to your profile —> on the right column : add another language —> chose Portuguese). This way, a Portuguese recruiter will straightly come upon your profile in his language and will certainly appreciate your effort.

You now have all the tools to present the perfect portuguese CV